This Is the Planet Where I Live

This Is the Planet Where I Live

This Is the Planet Where I Live
Beach Lane Books | Simon & Schuster
40 pages

Available in: hardcover, ebook
hc: 978 – 1‑4814 – 6563‑2

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This picture book celebrates and honors the interconnectedness of everything here on
Planet Earth.

Written by K.L. Going
Illustrated by Debra Frasier

“The verses themselves are magnificent…” —Kirkus, starred review

Available March 21, 2023!

The planet where we live is full of people, animals, insects, birds, trees, clouds, rain, oceans — and everything is interconnected. With a cumulative text and rich, highly-detailed collages, this book is a joyous ode to our wondrous planet.

Feature Video

Making This Is the Planet Where I Live. (8:30 min.)

K.L. Going

K.L. Going

Author Biography
PDF — 1 page

Debra Frasier by Lucy Plato

Debra Frasier

Illustrator Biography


… Though the text is a delight, the collage illustrations are the real stars of the show, a mix of Matisse-inspired art and photography. A stunning tribute that will make future conservationists out of all who read it.
Kirkus starred review

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Peek Inside

Bonus offer from Malaprop’s Bookstore good until April 1, 2023. (1:47 minutes)

Classroom Activities

Mural on School Wall
Mural example in classroom.
Click to enlarge view.


Option #1

8½ × 11 PDF for enlargement at copy center. Order an “engineering” print. Example is 36 × 48 inches ($8.00 at Staples) OR order a kit with a full-sized printout here.

Option #2

Two 8½ × 11 sheets that can be glued together to make one 11 × 17 inch Earth mural. Download PDF.

Students coloring in PLANET mural
Students coloring in the mural.
Click to enlarge view.


Each PDF sheet below is a line drawing of the original cut paper collage art from This Is the Planet Where I Live. Includes prompts to draw or write.

Teaching Resources video thumbnail
Quick overview video
PLANET coloring FIELDS thumb
+ draw plants
PLANET coloring ANIMALS thumb
+ draw animals
PLANET coloring BIRD POEM thumb
+ collect words / write poem
PLANET coloring Octopus thumb
+ draw sea creatures
PLANET coloring WHALE thumb
+ 5 oceans
Diamonate Poem Page thumb
OCEAN 1 of 2
+ poem directions
PLANET coloring OCEAN w poem thumb
OCEAN 2 of 2
+ collect sensory words for poem
PLANET coloring MOON thumb
+ universal activities
This Is the Planet Where I Live

Idea Starters for circle reading
or Earth Day play

Form a Research Team to select online pictures of Earth from space. (Hint: Do a Google search for “Earth seen from space.”) These can be projected on a whiteboard or wall for the play′s backdrops.

Form a Script Team to copy out each new line onto note cards. (Note: Lines build / repeat until the page after the WHALE page.) Number cards in order of the book.

Core story: 15 – 17 parts and parts can be multiple actors.

Form a Prop/Costume Team to draw / paint / build / find props to accompany any of the page themes. Flat cardboard and found objects work nicely.

Assign lines to teams or individuals. Themes, characters, and optional characters are listed in the PDF.

Consider an all-cast, unison repeating of the final line of each page, “to share the planet where I live.” Adjust final line, “all on the planet where WE live.

Articles & Interviews

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