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Behind Paper Camp’s forest door is my dream-of-a-school where we can joyfully experiment with cutting paper together.
It’s all free! 

Scissors Paper Glue

Jump-start your paper cutting with the mini-videos from my SCISSORS PAPER GLUE newsletter.
(Archive below)


Join me in STRIPES!, a longer class that uses the illustration style of Miss Alaineus, A Vocabulary Disaster. (Hundreds of elementary students have participated across the USA.)

Scissors Paper Glue Newsletters

November 2023



From Health Project to Studio Project

31 Days in 29 Seconds


See one month process unfold in half a minute!

Read This!

Observer, Collect, Draw!
A Visual Journal, Discover the Patterns in your Everyday Life. Visually track the personal. Great classroom potential here, Teachers! (Bookshop​.org)


On My Studio Table

Parkside Lounge, NYC, Brian & Alex Trivia Show, every Wednesday, thanks to Joe Kay
(who knew the answer)!


Making the Book

Play Video

(8.5 min. video)

Inside Debra’s studio:
materials and process

Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources video thumbnail

(1:40 min. video)

Peek Inside!

Peek inside the book

(1:10 min. video)

Quick video overview of book’s themes

February 2023

Make Together

Fold and Cut
Part 1: “Hearts“
Part 2: “Fold Characters”
(13.5 min. video)

A Paper Marvel

Hans Christian Andersen’s Paper Cuttings!
(2.5 min. video)

Read This!

Recommended Book:

The Amazing Paper Cuttings of Hans Christian Andersen, by Beth Wagner Brust. Contains: biography, bibliography and images. Available in paperback.

January 2023

Make Together

Lowercase Alphabet Letters!
(9 min.)

A Paper Marvel

Play Video about Paper Marvel — Michael Roberts — Jan 2023 short

Go inside Michael Roberts’ ABC book (1 min.) then watch Vogue​.com 2008 video.

December 2022

Make Together

Alphabet Letters! (11 min.)

Be Inspired

Play Video about Lynn Guinta

A Paper Marvel: Lynn Guinta
(45 sec.)

Read This!

Scissors Paper Glue News - Read This - Dec 2022

Recommended Books:

November 2022

Make Together

Play Video about Let’s Cut Paper — Birds

Cut Paper Birds (7 min.)

Be Inspired

Moses’ Amazing Paper Bag Hats 

Read This!

October 2022

Make Together

Play Video about Let’s Cut Paper with Debra Frasier

Cut Paper Sunflower (7 min.)