The Incredible Water Show

The Incredible Water Show

The Incredible Water Show
HMH Books for Young Readers
40 pages

Available in: hardcover
hc: 978 – 0‑152 – 16287‑0

This science companion to Miss Alaineus proves that water, H‑O-H, H2O, is the most miraculous of substances in this wacky play set on a neighborhood stage. Create your own show!

The kids from Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster are back! This time they’re putting on a neighborhood play starring the world’s most astounding combination of atoms — H20! Filled to the brim with scientifically accurate facts about water and water conservation, here is one wet-and-wild celebration you won’t want to miss.

Science facts about water
in an innovative performance format
Stage a play or reader’s theater.
Water Show Play in a Box

A Look Inside

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Incredible Water Show - Welcome slide
Incredible Water Show - Glug, Glug slide
Incredible Water Show - Water slide
Incredible Water Show — Welcome slide
Incredible Water Show — Glug, Glug slide
Incredible Water Show — Water slide
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With its bright, colored-marker cartoons and dialogue bubbles, this presentation is filled with exuberance… Frasier’s offering, with its snappy text, jazzy pictures, and upbeat tone, may inspire children to produce plays about their own subjects of study.
— School Library Journal, Lynda Ritterman, Atco Elementary School

Classroom Activities

Complete Curriculum Kit

The Incredible Water Show - Curriculum Kit Cover
6 pages

Would you like to download the entire six page curriculum support kit for The Incredible Water Show?

OR! Print only the pages you would like, as described in the adjacent panels.

Stage a Play

The Incredible Water Show - Curriculum Kit Cover
2 pages

Stage your own Incredible Water Show…Two pages of performance notes and ideas. Divide the class into ten scenes and tell the story small, medium, or grand!

Staging Ideas

1 page

Turn facts into performances with staging ideas, plus great websites for further research. Performance related jobs are included, too.

Vocabulary Games

Vocabulary Games
1 page

Includes water vocabulary games, plus a brief author biography and pictures. 

Stick Puppets

Stick Puppets
1 page

Make puppets on a stick! Here is a single page reproducible of the six main characters, plus the dog and cat. Print on paper or card stock, color with markers, just like the book.

Coloring Sheet

Coloring Sheet
1 page

Color the entire water cycle in a black & white reprint of Mrs. Page’s students performing the hydrocycle!

Water Bibliography

The Incredible Water Show bibliography
2 pages

A very watery bibliography of eight picture books to extend your water studies

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