A Fabulous Fair Alphabet

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A Fabulous Fair Alphabet
Beach Lane Books | Simon & Schuster
40 pages

Available in: hardcover
hc: 978 – 1‑416 – 99817‑4

In A Fabulous Fair Alphabet letters of all sorts of shapes and sizes and styles — from blinking neon ones, to unusual old-style graphic ones to rustic hand-painted ones have been photographed and collaged together into an exuberant, eye-popping, letter-and-word-finding tour of the glories of the state fair. Bursting with with bright, bold illustrations of favorite fair elements like dill pickles and Ferris wheels and midway games, here is an alphabet-exploring adventure like no other!

Create an Alphabet Fair!

Transform school carnivals into vocabulary building events! Download the instruction booklet.

A Look Inside

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Fabulous Fair Alphabet - Cotton Candy Slide
Fabulous Fair Alphabet - Midway Nights Slide
Fabulous Fair Alphabet — Cotton Candy Slide
Fabulous Fair Alphabet — Midway Nights Slide
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…a homage to state fairs everywhere.
– The New York Times
A tribute to that most American of institutions: the country fair.
– The Washington Post

Classroom Activities

Alphabet Fair Instructions Guide

5 pages

Transform the school carnival into a Vocabulary Fair. Everyone wins words!

Fabulous Fair Banner Letters

Fabulous Fair Banner Letters

Make your own word banners, game signs, or photo booth alphabet.

A Fabulous Fair Storytime Kit 

Fabulous Fair Storytime Kit

A creative approach for librarians and teachers by Debra Frasier and Kimberly Faurot

R‑E-A‑D Letters

R-E-A-D Letters

Turn a cereal box into a tiny puppet stage.

Coloring Sheets

Fabulous Fair Alphabet Coloring Sheets

A creative approach for librarians and teachers by Debra Frasier and Kimberly Faurot

Barn Box Theater & Stick Puppets

Barn Box Coloring Sheet & Animal Puppets
2 pages

Turn a cereal box into a tiny puppet stage.

Game Card

Find Your Fabulous Fair Alphabet Game Card
1 page

Find Your Fabulous Fair Alphabet!

Take the card to a fair or anywhere. Write your words on the game card, recording two words for each letter of the alphabet. Watch the “Play the Game!” video further down on this page.

Win a Ribbon!

Turn a cereal box into a tiny puppet stage.

Play and Download the Song!

The Lower 48 sing "I Want to Go to The Fair"

I Want to Go to the Fair”

Sarah Parson and Ben Braden of “The Lower 48” rehearse created a song just for the Fair! Download here.

A Virtual Visit to the Fair

Explore the Fair with these six mini-tours!

How the Book Was Made

More Videos

Minnesota State Fair
Alphabet Forest Project

Play the Game! 
Find YOUR Fabulous Fair Alphabet

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