Welcome Baby Gift Box

Combination gift: signed book and art print, blanket. Price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping.


Send a Baby Welcome Box with a personalized copy of On the Day You Were Born, signed by me, Debra Frasier, author and illustrator. I can add the baby’s name, place of birth, date, time, weight, length, or any baby information you would like to include! Published in 1991, this story has become a beloved classic worldwide.

A beautiful reprint of the SPINNING EARTH illustration accompanies the Welcome Box book, signed by the author and personalized to your recipient — AND — a celestially printed cotton baby blanket is included!

Send the Baby Welcome Box before baby’s arrival and suggest carrying it to the hospital for signing by visitors, doctors, and nurses (and footprints added when the birth certificate stamps  are made), OR celebrate the baby’s unique arrival story by suggesting the parents write in their story for a keepsake to have for all time.

PS. One customer reports that her college son STILL calls home on his birthday for his annual reading of On the Day You Were Born!