Three New Studios

1. Studio on Land: In June I moved to a new studio in St. Paul, MN, cleaned, scraped, painted, and had a brand new linoleum tile floor installed. I am upstairs, with a row of southern windows and a giant new maple table I found on Craig’s List. It is the proverbial new start.

2. Cyber Studio: In December 2012 my web genius, Steve Palmquist, ( and I opened this Studio-in-Space, a new website with more playing room for me. Designing and building a website is a lot like moving into a new studio on earth: scraping and cleaning and painting and new floors. Welcome!

3. Studio of the Heart: A new journal, gorgeously and frighteningly blank, lays on the new maple table, a tiny boat to steer through the confusion of being a book artist just now. Untie the rope! Push off! Time to start trusting the clues that will glimmer at the dark edge of what I know. A dialogue will unfold inside this journal, a conversation between my attention and the world.

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