Eve of a book’s arrival!

SPIKE in process in the studio

SPIKE in process in the studio

SPIKE, Ugliest Dog in the Universe releases to the world on Oct 1, 2013. It has been so long in coming that I find myself sleepless now that it is finally here. Often the hard part of a book’s arrival is the quiet that follows…the band does not march up my street, and the mayor does not deliver the keys to the city. Instead, it is the silent swish of the cover, lifting.

Still, after all these years of making books, I fall into the first finished book and then slowly accept the compromises. It is NOT the book that was made in a page-by-page struggle to find the best solution in the studio. It is now this new being, and fully on its own in the world. Now I will not be there for every lift of the cover, adding: This should be darker, or we had to move this over to accommodate that… Now this story rises and falls on its own ability to draw the reader into that magnetic circle every book creates between reader and page. Early reviews included a Kirkus star with a “Brilliant!” attached…and others offered up varying levels of enthusiasm. Open the cover. Decide for yourself. Be in touch.


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  1. Doug Kettles

    I have been remiss in not congratulating you on your latest book and plan on buying one for granddaughter Rory.

    Always best wishes,



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