Brooklyn Walk

Walking in Brooklyn over the holidays, the icy wind kept our umbrellas set at 90 degrees, snowflakes so fat they audibly plopped to the sidewalk, and then, suddenly, this Floating Window of Dresses appeared, all aglow with dreams, luminous, hanging still in the whipping wind.



Three New Studios

1. Studio on Land: In June I moved to a new studio in St. Paul, MN, cleaned, scraped, painted, and had a brand new linoleum tile floor installed. I am upstairs, with a row of southern windows and a giant new maple table I found on Craig’s List. It is the proverbial new start.

2. Cyber Studio: In December 2012 my web genius, Steve Palmquist, ( and I opened this Studio-in-Space, a new website with more playing room for me. Designing and building a website is a lot like moving into a new studio on earth: scraping and cleaning and painting and new floors. Welcome!

3. Studio of the Heart: A new journal, gorgeously and frighteningly blank, lays on the new maple table, a tiny boat to steer through the confusion of being a book artist just now. Untie the rope! Push off! Time to start trusting the clues that will glimmer at the dark edge of what I know. A dialogue will unfold inside this journal, a conversation between my attention and the world.